Monday, January 28, 2008

This Blog

This blog is intended to bring glory to God by giving practical tips on modesty and purity to young ladies that are dedicated to serving God with every part of their life.
You've heard that you should be modest, but what is the difference between modest and frump? You know that you shouldn't flirt, but where is the line between friendly and flirtatious? This blog will attempt to answer questions like these.


Emily said...

Hi Joy,
I just found your blog! Great Idea! I'm looking forward to the next post.
-Emily Eckerson

BelovedPeace said...

Hey Joy!
Great idea for a blog!!! :-)
Love Ya!
Amy :O)

Maria Pauline said...

This is lovely!

Maria Pauline

Hannah E. said...

Hello Joy!
What a good idea to have a "modesty" blog for girls!
You go girl! ;)
~Hannah E.