Sunday, October 9, 2011

An Important Announcement

My apologies, ladies, I have shamefully neglected this blog as of late. And now I am getting on just to let you know that my courtship has recently entered the new stage of engagement. We will be getting married in about three months, Lord willing. Kit and I both greatly appreciate your thoughts and prayers. :-) It is our wish to continue to glorify God as we work towards our marriage.


Kristen Elizabeth Lee said...


I was wondering...

When I became engaged, I began this blog and have since kept it up to encourage others to pursue a life of purity. Please go look around and let me know if I may add your story to inspire others!

Hannah May said...

Congratulations, Joy! God bless your future with the man He's ordained for you. :-D

In Christ,

Modupe {Hephzibah Bride} said...

Hi, I just stumbled across your blog. Congratulations on getting engaged. Just to let you know that I write a Christian wedding blog -

God bless from the UK

EmilyE said...

Congratulations Joy!!!! I caught up with Amy last spring at MassHope, and she had mentioned you were in a relationship. Becky and I were just talking about you yesterday, and then I checked your blog and you're engaged!!! Wow!! I'm SO excited for you and Kit. What a blessing to see God's hand in your lives! Love you!

Kayla said...

I just found your blog and wanted to add my congratulations! I've been courting for about 3 months (well...we talked for a couple months before that...for us, we don't have a certain date when we started courting!) and am so enjoying this new season in my life! It's always so wonderful to find someone else who has taken the same path!


Valerie Jeannis said...

Hi Joy :)
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In Friendship,