Monday, February 11, 2008

Buying Modest Shirts

The pictures in here were gotten off of the web. They are not meant to say anything positive or negative about the stores that are selling them. They are being used as examples for a personal opinion blog post.

I went to the mall with my Aunt and cousin a few weeks ago to shop for clothes, and was amazed at how few modest shirts there were. They all seemed to be made of super stretchy nylon that was extra form-fitting.
Today I want to give a few tips on shirts. How to choose modest shirts at stores (without buying them ten sizes too big). (Please understand that I am not saying that you cannot wear certain styles, just that it may be more modest to avoid them.)
The most important is to just use your common sense. Some styles are made to be immodest.

As you can see, this style seems designed to highlight the bust. As does this one which, for the record, was NOT in the pregnancy section.

Shirts with a message across the bust are probably best avoided as well, as they tend to encourage people to stare at your bust as they try to make out the word(s).

See through or lacy tops (even with an undergarment, but especially without) should be avoided. If you wouldn't wear the undergarment by itself (which I hope you would not), you should not wear it under a see through shirt.

I personally usually buy 'relaxed fit' or 'classic fit' t-shirts, because I wear my shirts tucked into the waistband of my skirt and I like the way that relaxed fit T's blouse instead of clinging.

Since relaxed fit T's tend to look like a box (and can sometimes make you look slightly heavier than you are) when they are worn out over a skirt, 'Modern Fit' or 'Fitted' may be a better choice of style for wearing un-tucked.

Just make sure to avoid the "it's plastered on me" look, which is never pretty.

Blouses look nice un-tailored as well as slightly tailored, depending on whether you are planning on wearing them in or out.

Hint: You can wear shirts more fitted if they have a busy print on them (i.e. floral designs)

Make sure to TRY ON THE SHIRT before you buy it. This is very important!!!
While you're in the dressing rooms, go ahead and give the shirt a 'modesty check'.
A few ideas are:
to reach your arms above your head and see how much belly you can see (this is especially important when wearing hip-hugging skirts or pants)
to bend down facing the mirror and see if you can view your undergarments
to bend down as if you are picking up a child and put your hand on your lower back to see if any skin is exposed
And I'm sure that you can come up with more ideas.

If you don't know if you can trust your own judgment, ask a modest woman that you trust (preferably your Mom) if a shirt is modest or not.

I hope that this post was helpful! :-)

My next post will be on how to 'modest up' the shirts you already have.


Maddie said...

Thanks for the tips Joy!

Brooke said...

Joy! I love your site!! This is just awesome. Your post on shirts was most insightful. I enjoyed it much and picked up some great tips as well! I appreciate you sharing your wisdom with all of us. You wrote it very well.

Thanks so much for telling me about your site. I am greatly looking forward to your next post and will checking back!

God bless,