Thursday, June 26, 2008

Modest Swimwear

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As it gets warmer here in New England, our family does a lot of swimming in the lake right down the road from us.
During the past couple of years us girls have been trying out different types of modest bathing suits... don't get me wrong, we never wore bikinis, but it sure is nice to be a little more covered than your typical tank bathing suit.
I realize that some families do not allow boys and girls to swim at the same time, but whether you are swimming alone or with friends or family, there are some great swim suits out there that you actually can swim in.

Here is are a few bathing suit sites that we've found. I've also listed what suits are suitable to what body-types because we don't all look good and modest in the same suits. ;-)
(At the end there is a section for girls who don't want to be that covered but they still want to be more modest than the 'normal' suit.)

Swim modest bathing suits

This first one is my favorite... These suits are great for active swimmers because they really aren't any harder to swim in than normal suits, and they are all one piece so you don't have the problem of the skirt floating up. They're also really cute on. (They also don't need separate undergarments which is a big plus)
The site doesn't always have many fabric choices, but it's well worth checking back if you don't like the fabric they do have right now.
These suits are good for slender, average, or even slightly heavy girls... but if you have a heavier build you may want to consider a different suit.

Modest Swimwear

These bathing suits are harder to swim in, they do tend to slow you down a bit but won't make a difference if you are not a dedicated swimmer. (Another words, if you're not doing ten laps every day this bathing suit is fine.)
But they do need proper under garments... the capris tend to be see through, and the top clings A LOT when it is wet. Even if it is modest when it is dry, the top will be very immodest when wet if you don't wear something under it.
You want this bathing suit to be more tight than loose because it does tend to float up (And be more clinging) if it's loose.
A darker or more patterned fabric is best for these bathing suits. (You can also make them yourself... you can buy swim fabric online.)
These suits work best for average girls, and those who 'fill them out' more. Very slender girls have much more trouble with the suits wanting to float away.

Wholesome Swimwear

Ok, these suits are not the greatest for actually swimming... they're more for just hanging around in the water. I mean, you can swim in them, but they slow you down and somewhat restrict your movement.
These suits don't need undergarments, and are perfectly modest whether you are in or out of the water.
I notice that Moms particularly like these suits.
These suits are good for any shape, and can be a good choice for heavy girls who want to 'hide' more.

Fashionably Modest

This is a pattern, and I've never used it, but it looks as if it would be good for girls who enjoy wearing normal 'tank' bathing suits.

Ok, for those of you who want a more modest alternative to the normal bikini or tankini, but you also want to fit in, here are a few sites that seem to have good bathing suits.

Lime Riki

This site has several pretty and modest suits

And I was going to do several other sites, but I found this blog post that already has them listed so here you go.

The little Window shoppe

Ok, I hope that was helpful! Enjoy swimming! And let me know what bathing suits you like. :-)


Miss Eyebright said...

What a great thing to post on! We have actually tried the Wholesome Swimwear, and liked it reasonable enough, but we felt like we stuck out like a sore thumb. Not that that should be a problem...

Anyway, we have thought about trying some of those others as well, but just have never had the money to spend for that. Now, we just wear some swimming shorts and a t-shirt.

Thanks for the post,
Have a very bright, very cheerful day!
Miss Eyebright

meghan said...

This was good, and very helpful, Joy! It is so nice that you know many of these suits and can offer a great opinion! My Mom actually ordered the Fashionably Modest pattern, and is
starting to sew a suit for Maddie. It looks nice!
Thanks! :)

hannah e. said...

Neat post, Joy! :)
My Mom has a suit from Wholesome swimwear, and she got patterns from fashionably modest. She's in the process of making Maddie one right now! :) It looks like it will be cute and nice and modest! :)
Love you! !hannah!

Alison said...

Our family uses the Wholesomewear suits, and since I have never swum (swam? swimmed?) in a "normal" swimsuit, I don't feel that it slows me down at all (of course, I don't really know how to swim, either. But I can get around). It's great to be able to swim modestly, especially since I LOVE going to the lake this time of year!

Ps. When are you going to put up a new poll on your sidebar? I enjoy polls! :o)

HannahBeth said...

Hi Joy! :D
I liked this post...I've had trouble finding modest swimsuits that aren't too expensive...I'm buying the pattern that fashionably modest has, but through a different website. :)
Thanks for putting this together!

Maddie said...

Oh, I would like to add that Mom finished my bathing suit using the pattern from Fashionable Modest, and I simply LOVE it!! It is very modest, comfy, and I like how the neckline is not too high, yet not too low. :D I think it's really great. :)

Diana said...

Just wanted to give you another option on modest swimwear. Custom-made to the fit and length you want.

modest said...

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Jamie said...

Are you kidding me? Maybe I don't get it because I'm not THAT kind of Christian. But I am a swimmer who prefers one-pieces, not for modesty, but because they stay in place better when diving and look classier when lounging. Why can't you go to sport chalet and get a basic racerback one piece? They flatten the chest and streamline the figure (for aerodynamics) but I know plenty of girls who wear them for modesty.

As a swimmer, and a former lifeguard, I would NOT recommend wearing overly bulky swimwear, especially for inexperienced swimmers in deep water. Its just too much drag, and you'll wear yourself out. There is a reason why those styles are not popular. Besides, as soon as you get out of the water, your "Modest" swim suit is going to be clinging to all your girly parts, so what, exactly, is the point?

Joy said...

Hi Jamie! :-)

Thanks for your comment. The objective in modesty is not to hide or 'flatten' the figure, but rather to be modestly covered. I'm not against a one piece bathing suit, and to be honest I really don't care what kind of bathing suit you wear; that's really none of my business. This post is for those who wish to wear a little more covering than your basic racerback.

I understand your point about the 'drag' of the more bulky swimwear, and if you read my post you will see that I do mention it.
Clinging is a problem that many girls do not account for, but I do point out the different ones that would need a separate undergarment (bra, panties, whatever), and some of them (like the SwimModest or the Wholesome Swimwear) simply don't have that problem.

There is nothing to 'get' here, except that I understand that there are families with different standards of modesty and requirements for clothing and that it can be difficult to find things that will work when you don't know the pros and cons of each thing. I do not condemn those who would wear complete covering when swimming (and by the way; everyone that I've met who would wear the more bulky swimwear rarely goes in past their waist), but neither do I condemn the woman that I see at the beach wearing a bikini. I might know that it would be better for her to show less, but that's her business.

Regardless of whether or not you are "THAT kind of Christian", I would appreciate a little more politeness on any future comments. :-)

Thanks very much and have a great day.


His Handmaiden said...

Hello Joy,
I discovered this blog quite by accident, but now am disappointed that I hadn't found it earlier!
In a family of all girls, swim-wear has come up as a big topic of modesty. A site my sister found that is similar to some of the sites/links you posted is (www[dot]meanttobemodest[dot]come). We all love their swim-wear, and feel perfectly comfortable and modest when swimming, which is great since we used to have a hard time swimming in other suits, even if they were tankinis and t-shirts. Thank you for your post! G-d bless you!
In Christ,

Anonymous said...


Joy said...

Dear Anonymous,

I'd like to recommend that you read "Christian Modesty and the Public Undressing of America". It is an excellent book and I believe will answer your questions. :-)

God bless!

Reeceloui said...
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Anonymous said...

Yes!!! This is exactly what im thinking.

Anonymous said...

Hey.. Umm what about a tankini or one piece? Those are super modest!! I thought my parents were strict for making my wear those instead of bikinis.

Joy said...

Well, a one piece is definitely more modest than a bikini, however a normal one piece still shows cleavage... also, the young men that I interviewed to come to the conclusions I wrote about in this post made it clear that the detailed view of a lady's rear end that is available with normal swimsuits is a stumbling block. Last year I did purchase a tankini for myself, but made sure that the top was modest (no cleavage and wouldn't float up) and also that it had a longer than normal skirt on the bottom to cover down to at least mid-thigh. I got it from Land's End. So I guess in answer to your question, they can be modest but it takes a little bit of innovative thinking to make them so. :-)

Joy said...

Please read my reply below and keep in mind that you have my full permission to disagree but I ask that you do so politely and respectfully.

Joy said...

Also, please read my response to Jamie (the comment you agreed with above) and understand that I do not condemn you for having different beliefs, I simply wrote this post to help those young ladies that I know who desire extra modesty.

Andi Anderson said...

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Rachel Hay said...

Hi! Thank-you for this list. It's good to hear the pros and cons of each sort of suit from someone who's tried them, rather than trying to guess from the information from the website.

My swimsuit is from Meant to be Modest swimwear (www[dot]meanttobemodest[dot]com), which I've found is quite good. It's a little more fitted than some others out there but still quite modest and very practical and also surprisingly quick-drying. The swimsuits are very pretty and feminine. The lady who makes them will sew them to your measurements and take requests, say if you want the skirt or sleeves longer. As a former competitive swimmer who now swims mostly for fun but still gets a few laps in when I'm at the pool, I've never had a problem swimming in that swimsuit.

with love and God bless,
from Rachel.